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Diamond, superhard material characteristics and role

2017-10-25   ä¯ÀÀ´ÎÊý£º591
     Scientists use this principle, the use of carbon (graphite) as raw materials, artificially to the graphite caused by high temperature and high pressure conditions, in order to obtain artificial diamond, which in the industry to obtain a more widespread and widespread application. Diamond is divided into natural diamond and synthetic diamond, the crystal inside the non-defective and impurity transparent crystal known as gem-grade diamond (diamond), it is mainly used for decorations, accounting for natural diamond 10% -15%, generally hundreds of times more expensive than gold The If the crystal inside the defective (such as inclusions, spots, cracks, etc.), or because of a small amount of other elements leaving the crystal inside without defects but the color of the ornaments are not ideal diamond is industrial grade diamond for the manufacture of diamond tools. * Generally use high-quality diamond. The basic performance of the artificial single crystal is similar to that of the natural single crystal. The current product quality is unstable, and the cost of the same material is higher than that of the natural diamond, which limits its application in the tool. Artificial diamond polycrystalline is made up of many diamond fines and is made of diamond with the main ingredient, commonly known as polycrystalline or polycrystalline. The composite sheet is a kind of superhard material which combines diamond polycrystalline into cemented carbide body. It combines the high hardness of diamond and the high strength of cemented carbide body, and has the characteristics of easy welding and polycrystalline diamond. Diamond tool (including film coating tool), mainly used for a variety of non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metal materials, milling, boring, drilling and other processes. Such as wood, glass, hard plastic, building materials, carbon fiber, ceramics, refractory materials, copper, aluminum composite materials and magnesium zinc alloy.